The Hindu Vocabulary with Editorial Discussion – 05 JUNE – 2019

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Vocabulary with Editorial Discussion 05 JUNE – 2019

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The HINDU Editorial हिंदी के साथ

1. animosity(दुश्मनी/बैर)
Synonyms: acrimony, animus, antagonism, antipathy, bad blood
Antonyms: friendliness, friendship, good will, happiness, kindness

2. majority(बहुमत
Synonyms: bulk, mass, max, more, preponderance
Antonyms: inferiority, adolescence, childhood, minority, secondary

3. existence(अस्तित्व )
Synonyms: continuation, presence, reality, survival, world
Antonyms: abstract, end, death, inanimateness

4. threat(खतरे में)
Synonyms: blackmail, hazard, intimidation, menace, peril
Antonyms: certainty, safety, surety

5. rude(अशिष्ट/अचरज )
Synonyms: abusive, blunt, boorish, coarse, crude
Antonyms: decent, gentle, nice, polite, refined

6. combined(संयुक्त
Synonyms: connected, mixed, united, joined, mingled
Antonyms: uncombined

Synonyms: bankruptcy, catastrophe, crash, debacle, destruction
Antonyms: miracle, success, wonder, creation, good fortune

8. profiteering(मुनाफाखोरी).
Synonyms: crooked, fraudulent, nefarious, rotten, shady
Antonyms: ethical, good, honest, honorable, moral

9.generation(पीढ़ी दर पीढ़ी)
Synonyms: bearing, breeding, formation, genesis, origination
Antonyms: destruction

10. enhanced(बढ़ाया।)
Synonyms: add to, appreciate, augment, boost, build up
Antonyms: decrease, diminish, discourage, hurt, lessen

11. inspire(भरोसा )
Synonyms: affect, animate, arouse, cause, embolden
Antonyms: bore, calm, deaden, depress, discourage

12. assumptions(मान्यताओं)
Synonyms: acceptance, belief, expectation, guess, hunch
Antonyms: disbelief, fact, knowledge, measurement, proof

13. fissures(दरारें/विदारक)
Synonyms: cleavage, crevice, cleft, crack, hole
Antonyms: closure, solid

14. degeneration(अध: पतन )
Synonyms: decay, worsening, decadence, decadency, declension
Antonyms: improvement, morality

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